Open letter to the Swedish Pirate Party

Dear Swedish Pirate Party. I’m just going to start off by saying that I’m not unbiased. I had the chance to work for Amelia last spring and summer in the European Parliament and it was far from being just sunshine and lollipops, rainbows and unicorns. It was, however, inspiring. The sheer understanding Amelia had of how the political structure of the European Parliament works and all the philosophical questions on morals when it comes to political decisions and law making in the time of the Internet.

Amelia is badass. Not only because she is completely different from all the other politicians working within the European Parliament. A young woman, being the boss with unconventional ideas on how the things should be done. I know it from my experience in politics that it’s hard. When I’ve attended panels on copyright I have gotten remarks like “Oh, are you the one? I didn’t expect someone like you…” I can imagine that Amelia has had to hear the same. Over and over and over again.

But seriously guys, my friends in the Swedish Pirates. Vote for Amelia in the 1st place, not only because she deserves it, but because the world needs it. I am being overtly dramatic and that’s because I can. It will be crucial to have someone like her to make sure that the political decisions on Internet matters will be somewhat well made. The people in the European Union institutions are trying to regulate computers – which only understand 1 and 0s, as humans. Amelia has a rare competence and understanding of both technology and law. We need it.

Amelia had the courage to tell the Internet Governence Forum to Fuck off. She topped evil things like ACTA. She has been trying to do her best when it comes to electronic signatures that it’ll not be completely messed up. Same goes with your medical files. She is trying to make sure that laws on surrounding technology means that the technical limits are within our moral limits.

I want to see Amelia as a top candidate for the upcoming EU elections. Why? Because I believe she is better. I believe that you are making a mistake by overlooking her immense competence. And for what reason? Because it’s safer to have a middle aged man in number one? Fuck safe. We don’t need safe anymore. We need someone with courage.

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